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St Colman's Primary School, Dromore, Co Down

Museums on the move -Victorian Schools

14th Nov 2022

Primary 6/7 were very lucky, as they got to complete two workshops with NI Museums on the topic of Schools in Victorian Times. During our first lesson we learned about how life was very hard for Victorian children. We realised how lucky we are to have so many resources in our classrooms compared to over 100 years ago. We were taught about the different subjects, the 3 R’S, the school day, the strict teachers and how children got punished!! After our first lesson we all got to write using a slate and slate pencil, then use ink from an inkwell with a quill. It was very tricky to write using ink pens and Pauline told us that if you ‘blot your copybook’ you got into big trouble.
Our second workshop was Victorian games. We were shown different games children played and then got to play with some old toys. We had great fun doing this! We still play some similar games like; catchies, marbles and cup and ball!!
Many thanks to Pauline and her team in the museum for showing us the resources and teaching us about school in the past. We enjoyed learning about it!