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St Colman's Primary School, Dromore, Co Down

School long ago!

8th Jun 2021

Today in class the children in P6/7 got to experience What school was like in Dromore many years ago. We started out by looking at a slate which Pat Rooney gave to Fr Magennis. We believe the slate was used by a Mr Pat Mc Cann who attended school around 1850. He died in 1926! We tried to imagine how hard it would have been to do school work, the 3R’s, on it! We are actually very luck to have the various exercise books, iPads and different resources available to help us learn. How times have changed!! The class all used an ink pen and inkwell and we all agreed that it was hard to keep our work neat. We watched a video and a PowerPoint on schools in Victorian times and enjoyed listening to stories of how children were punished with canes and straps!! We compared life in school now and the variety of subjects we have and we came to the conclusion that we are really very lucky to have so many opportunities.